Metaphors in action

The last post briefly looked at two metaphors for learning: acquisition and participation.

Examining these in light of learning I have been involved with that used technology (OU H800 Activity 3b):

PowerPoint/SlideShare – acquisition of knowledge – generally tutor-led dissemination of information to ‘passive’ viewers/listeners. I have used this to pass on or deliver information to learners both offline and online. It is useful for learning that is new to all learners where none can be expected to already have knowledge or understanding. I have also experienced ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ on more than one occasion. Most examples of this that I have used or accessed have been related to formal learning – although I am now using SlideShare as part of an informal learning blog accessed by the general public.

Crochetville: an online group – I use this community of practice to share and develop my crocheting. It is predominantly based on forums and sharing of experience, tips, techniques and commenting on others projects. Definately firmly under the participation metaphor for learning – yet it has stimulated and developed my use of this skill in a way that a formal class never could.

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