Having more, doing more, being more

The OU course H800, moves on from the two metaphors offered by Sfard 1 to introduce a third metaphor: change-as-a-person based on research by Saljö 2 and Marton, Dall’Alba and Beaty 3.

This is explained as:

‘being more’ – or possibly ‘being different’ – in contrast with ‘having more’ (AM) and ‘doing more’ (PM)

and introduces the concept of identity into the learning mix.

My personal experiences with learning would suggest that there is an element of being changed by learning. When I teach equality and diversity I also give the example of how meeting and learning about people from other cultures enriches your own life experience – ie changes you. I know that when I was younger life was much ‘simpler’ … things were either right or wrong. As I gained in experience I learned that this is not always so and there are many perspectives and interpretations of ‘facts’.

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